Most frequently asking questions by customer or we like to called it most likely questions that most people probably gonna ask us.


I never thought about hair inside my nose before. After I stumbled upon your website, I've become conscious about it and now it bothered me. Is this your fault?  

We felt responsible for that. Is that anything we can do for you? How about we offer you the trimmer for just $19.99? Is that good?


Do you ship to Krakozhia

We love to ship to that fictional country in the future but currently we ship to customer in United States only.


How long will my order take to arrive?

Average days is between 8 to 11 days, could be stretch to day 30 depends on lot of factors but we can guarantee that it will be delivered within your natural lifespan otherwise we refund you (seriously we refund you if it more than 30 days).


I received a faulty trimmer, help!

First we would like to offer our apology but we know that alone wouldn't cut it. You have an options to get refund or we send you another one. All you have to do is send the picture of defectives trimmer along with a receipt/proof of purchase to us and we'll take care the rest. See our Returns policy page more details.